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The New Tsugami BS19B High Precision CNC Automatic Lathe is the ultimate small parts CNC turning machine for production rates that rival automatic CAM type machines. These new age CNC Swiss type turning machines fully answer the demands of today's manufacturing challenges.

Tsugami BS19B Panther "B" series
Swiss type automatic lathe

This capacity machine offers unprecedented flexibility in addressing a variety of manufacturing requirements. Designed to provide quick job changeover from part to part using simple off the shelf O.D. and I.D. tools. A control offset system is standard to adjust center height during setup and running. This eliminates time consuming tool shimming and facilitates short runs.

Incorporating an automatic loading magazine type bar feeder allows for long uninterrupted production runs with no operator intervention.

The sliding headstock and X Axis move on preloaded automatically lubricated linear roller ways to minimize stick slip, improve response and ensure thermal stability. These features mean built-in accuracy for years to come.

The main spindle motor is of a balanced hollow core design for less vibration, fewer moving parts, and quicker response in speed change. This design allows for close tolerance parts to be machined without drive train induced inaccuracies. There is no spindle drive train.

The guide bushing housing is mounted directly to the machine bed. Both units are of close grain vibration dampening cast iron.

The spindle motor and all axis drives are engineered to provide ample power to fully utilize short, rigid, modern cutting tools. This results in the ability to produce finishes that approach those produced by a grinding process.  The obstruction free cutting area assures that metal chips created in the cutting process are not retained and fall free. This reduces the possibility of chips damaging part finishes.

Tsugami BS19B Panther "B" series
Swiss type automatic lathe
Straight chip drop from the machining area carries dirt and heat away from the guide bushing and ensures long life for the bushing.
A fully enclosed cutting area keeps metal chips and other contaminants away from machine slides, switches, and electronics to minimize component failure.

Fanuc Control and AC drives are used throughout the machine for dependable function and motion control.

The machine is tested twice before you receive it - once in Japan where test reports are created, and once at Rem Sales where all functions and alignments are rechecked. This attention to quality assures the fastest possible start-up times, and prolonged machine life.

The BS19B Swissturn is designed to run unattended, and depending upon your bar feeder selection may run for many hours in this fashion. Options such as broken cut-off knife detection are advised to make this practical and as safe as possible. One operator can attend multiple machines.

Spindle speeds up to 10,000 RPM, and a tool mounting arrangement to provide less than one second metal to metal times make your cutting cycle the shortest possible. Secondary operations such as cross drilling and the milling of slots is also possible.

Tsugami BS19B Panther "B" series
Swiss type automatic lathe

Standard Machine Specifications
Description: Specification:

  • Maximum Bar Diameter .750 inches
  • Linear Ball Ways X and Z
  • T Axis Brake
  • Horizontal Bed Improved Thermal Characteristics
  • Forced Lubrication System Extended Service Life
  • Roundness to 1 um
  • Sub-Spindle Bearing Type Angular Contact
  • Synchronous Sub-Spindle By S Code Matching
  • Z Axis Travel-Fixed Guide Bushing 8.26 inches
    • Chucker Model 1.77 inches
    • Driven Guide Bushing 3.15 inches
  • Speed Range of Main Spindle 200-10,000 RPM
  • Horsepower of Main Spindle 5HP
  • Spindle Center Height 37.5 inches
  • Spindle Indexing Increment 15 deg.
  • Number of Tool Stations 7 O.D. Tools
  • 3 Cross driven tools
  • 3 I.D. Tools
  • 3 Back working tools
  • Speed Range of Sub-Spindle Variable: 200 to 8,000 rpm

Programmable Servo
Axis Designations

  • "Z" Main Headstock In and Out 8.26 inches
  • "T1" O.D. Tool Slide Up and Down 3.94 inches
  • "X" O.D. Tool Slide Right and Left 1.26 inches
  • Main spindle through hole dia. 23.5mm
  • Sub spindle through hole dia. 19.5mm
  • Paint Urethane for w/s coolant
  • Sub spindle Pressurized for w/s coolant
  • Oil mist lubrication For w/s coolant
  • Rotary guide bushing unit For w/s coolant
  • WEIGHT 4,800 pounds
  • FLOOR SPACE (L x W x H) All 71 x 46 x 67

Tsugami BS19B Panther "B" series
Swiss type automatic lathe


  • Tsugami/Fanuc 18isTA CNC Control
  • Manual pulse generator
  • 10.4 Color LCD screen
  • Part Program Storage & Edit - 66 Feet
  • 2 Axis Linear and Circular Interpolation (X and Z, Y and Z)
  • Axis Designations (X,Z,T,Y)
  • Least input increment 0.00004
  • Linear and Circular Interpolation (X/Y/Z)
  • Rapid Traverse Rate - 708 IPM
  • Feed Rate Override 0%-150% in 10% Increments
  • Absolute/Incremental Commands (X,Y,Z - Absolute)
  • (U,V,W - Incremental)
  • Offset Amount +/- 6 Digits
  • Number of Offsets - 32 Sets
  • Backlash Compensation 0 to 255 um
  • 9 Monochrome CRT
  • Number of Registerable Programs - 63
  • Miscellaneous Functions - 3 Digit M Code
  • Spindle Speed - 5 Digit S Code
  • Tool Function - 6 Digit T Code
  • Circular Radius Designation
  • Automatic Acceleration / Deceleration
  • Exact Stop Check

  • Work Coordinate Setting
  • Decimal Point Input
  • Optional Block Skip
  • Sequence Number Search
  • Program Number Search
  • Self Diagnostics Function
  • Stored Stroke Limit
  • X-Axis Mirror Image
  • Tool Offset Display
  • Thread Chasing Function
  • RS-232C I/O Interface
  • Run Hour and Parts Counter Display
  • Constant surface speed control
  • Automatic power off
  • Tool nose radius compensation
  • Automatic corner rounding and chamfering
  • G10 Programmable Data Input
  • Background editing
  • Multiple Repetitive Cycles
  • Canned Cycle for Drilling
  • Tool Geometry and Wear Compensation
  • Rigid Tapping main spindle

Tsugami BS19B Panther "B" series
Swiss type automatic lathe

Standard Equipment

  • Pneumatic System for spindle Collet Actuation
  • Machine side Bar Feed Interface
  • Automatic Flood Coolant System
  • All Motors and Controls for 200 Volts
  • Wrenches, Service Manuals and Inspection Sheets
  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • Work Light
  • Totally Enclosed Work Area
  • Driven/Free Rotating and Stationary Guide Bushing Assemblies
  • Parts Catcher
  • TF25 Spindle Adapter
  • TD25 Guide Bushing Adapter
  • Threading under CNC
  • Coolant flow switch
  • Set of Standard Tools for Machine Setup (cutting tools not included)
  • Door Interlocks
  • (2) I.D. Drill adapters for ER 11 Collets
  • (1) Tap adapter
  • (3) Back ID drill adapters

Graphic Tooling Layout
7 OD and 3 front ID tool stations, 3 back ID tool stations, 3 driven cross work stations 200-5,000 rpm, 15 degree main spindle indexing, 2-axis serial interfaced sub-spindle unit (8,000 rpm), sub spindle ejection, 8.26 inch Z axis stroke, driven/free rotating guide bushing adapter (6,000 RPM max) with 3.15 stroke suitable for water soluble coolant, 5-axis capability.

Machine options

  • Tool Holders By quotation
  • ER11 collet chucks 5/8 shank
  • ER11 collet chucks shank
  • ER8 collet chucks shank
  • Six position ID adapter, diameter bores
  • Set of ER11 collets (set of 11)
  • Set of ER8 collets (set of 9)
  • Cross Slide Drill Holders

Cross slide drill holders are dog-leg shaped adapter which permit drills and boring tools to be mounted in a turning station on the cross slide.

  • 3224-1CSDH1/2" Offset Cross slide drill adapter - 1/2" bore
  • 3224-1CSDH3/4" Offset Cross slide drill adapter - 1/2" bore
  • 3224-1CSDH1" Offset Cross slide drill adapter - 1/2" bore
  • 3224-2CSDH1/2" Offset Cross slide drill adapter (2) 1/2" bores
  • 3224-2CSDH3/4" Offset Cross slide drill adapter (2) 1/2" bores
  • 3224-2CSDH1" Offset Cross slide drill adapter (2) 1/2" bores

Live Tooling

  • 3224-Y1271 4 spindle cross drill unit (1) offset (Fact ord. Only)
  • 3224-Y1230 Off center drill unit (below sub-spindle)
  • 3224-Y260 15 Degree Sub Spindle Indexing
  • 3224-Y570 1 Degree Main Spindle Indexing
  • 3224-Y160 Full C Axis, Main Spindle
  • 3224-Y1070 Full C Axis, Sub-Spindle
  • 3224-Z06341 Polygon Milling Unit w/software
  • Hobbing Unit (factory ordered, mounts below cross drill units)
  • Hobbing unit includes main spindle C axis
  • 1st Pneumatic Cross Drill Unit
  • 2nd Pneumatic Cross Drill Unit

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